Volkswagen Jetta – Best Selling VW in 2016

After a busy schedule all throughout the week and a bustling work-life, if you are all set for a road-trip, then undoubtedly, Jetta is the best Volkswagen for you. Smartly priced for a luxury segment vehicle, this car boasts of plush interiors and rich fiber upholstery. Although the basic design for the car remains the same when compared to other VW creations, some features have been added to increase your driving pleasure: the air dam is spread out, boot capacity is extended and includes drop rear seats for extending the boot to make space for keeping golf bags as well as Skis.

Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen has focused more on the interiors. The back seat cushioning has been designed elegantly with high-quality fiber decals and provides ample knee room. The under-thigh support is comforting, making long journeys in the backseat easy. Adding to it, there are dedicated a/c vents for the back seats and large door bins to accommodate the bottles during the journey.

The rear middle seat has a pull-out armrest which also has two cup holders to keep your tonic in handy in case you need it during your journey.

Moving to the front seat, we experience the rich fiber decals with refined quality cushioning equipped with height-adjustable electronic control. There are a lot of holder like spaces to keep your knick-knacks. Front armrests have enough space below them to store wallets and mobiles. The steering is also ergonomically set, having a flat end to make way for the person driving it. Equipped with rear parking assist, Jetta also has been provided with a unique feature: fatigue detection, which is an innovative concept for ensuring your safety. Packed with 6 airbags, Volkswagen has already set a high standard in the field of safety concerns.

Now this feature might be the USP for this car. Jetta has a secured glove-box. Yes, you can keep all the stuff inside the glove box and lock it in. The box is also air-cooled which will keep your bottles exactly at the same temperature you left them at.

Jetta provides the state-of-the-art technologies for the interior climate control and air-conditioning segments. It has a central infotainment console and cruise-control mounted on the steering with gear level changer available with the higher-segments.

Jetta boasts a 1.4 liter gas and a 2 liter diesel variant offering competitive power and performance packaged under the same roof. Driven by a 6-Speed gearbox, this can prove to be a mean machine while in highways and a traffic-cutter when cruising through the city limits. Being a flat sedan, the dynamics are well spread out offering you ample agility and control through the curves and bends of the road.

Coming back to the design, the front part looks pretty much like the Volkswagen’s counterparts, however, the rear bumper and air dams are an inspiration from Audi A4 making the car look like a takeaway in the first look.

Volkswagen is targeting the young entrepreneurs and executive businessman class. Being an upper segment stylish sedan, this car is affordably priced, making your aspirations and dreams come true.


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