Volkswagen Bus – Historic and High-Tech

Volkswagen is one of the most innovative automobile companies, and founded way back on 4th Jan 1937. Ever since the inception, the company has produced a variety of cars with varied functionality and utility. It is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is the one of the world leaders in car manufacturing. Volkswagen is a German word, which means “People’s Automobile”

Introducing the BUDD-e

BUDD-e photo by Maurizio Pesce
BUDD-e photo by Maurizio Pesce

The company has planned to release an electric version of Microbus- The exemplary “hippie van.” Called the BUDD-e, it would feature a lithium ion battery, which could provide a driving range of about 373 miles. The head of electronic development at Volkswagen, Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger has revealed that “The basic idea is to develop a modular toolkit and take this flat battery idea into serial production, one motor on the front, one on the rear”.

The all new BUDD-e from Volkswagen is designed on the Modular Electric Platform. The BUDD-e is heading production with enormous floor space with the engines aligned as close to the front and rear side of the vehicle. The stunning exterior and a scintillating interior with the amazing infotainment system takes the new BUDD-e to the next level.

The “Active Info Display” just in front of the driver provides access to infotainment for all passengers. Complete control is facilitated by a multi-touch keypad or by voice command. Voice command has to begin to say “Hello Budd-e” to get it listening. All commands from different voices from different angles would be recognized and executed. The screen has different sections, focusing on different task like drive, control and consume. The user interface with touch voice and gesture functionalities makes it a brilliant design and demonstrates the genius of the maker.

BUDD-e is designed to seamlessly communicate with Smart Home or office. It features the futuristic next generation infotainment system with an advanced information processing methodology. The unique features make BUDD-e the best in the market for its design and functionality. BUDD-e boasts a switch free cabin. The huge infotainment panels and digital screens make the drive extremely intuitive and interactive.

The exterior is conventional with a white and gold color scheme. An illuminated LED VW logo on the front grille gives it a dashing look. The taillights are made from one continuous LED light strip which gives a distinct wraparound effect.

BUDD-e is said to be the first concept car by Volkswagen Group underpinned by MEB, heralding a change in fundamentals of electric cars. BUDD-e brings into light a revolutionary automotive technology.

The substantial innovation will pave way to immense changes in the arena of electric-powered Volkswagens developed in the future. This model with human-machine interface, drive-control-consummate-mirror, multi-function steering, gesture control, personalized light and unbelievable infotainment system makes BUDD-e one of its kind and a best buy.

When you want the best in the market, the best in the industry and the best ever made automobile, the one and only choice could be your best buddy ever – your BUDD-e.

Live your dream, drive your BUDD-e! All you need is a ’60’s era flower-power paint job and you’re good to go.

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