The Most Fuel Efficient Car in the World

The Volkswagen XL1 is a two seater car with the capacity to travel 100 kms in 1 litre of diesel. It is designed only for left handed drivers.

It is classified as the diesel/electric combination car which can drive 260 miles per gallon. The car is designed in such a manner that truly reflects the state-of-the-art in technology. The car was also selected as a finalist in the World Green Car competition. It exemplifies the car market in the future to come.

So, what makes it so fuel efficient?

The Model

VW X1 - By MotorBlog from Ca, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
VW X1 – By MotorBlog from Ca, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Manufactured in Germany, the car is especially “handcrafted” and produced exclusively for customers. The super-efficient car boasts new construction methods, with lots of innovations in its body, which makes it attractive and fuel efficient.

The two-seater only emits 24g/km carbon dioxide, which is the best in the record of vehicle fuel efficiency. It is believed that a car that is light in weight can be more economical and efficient. This is the reason that the car has been structured from scratch and most of its steel parts have been replaced by carbon fiber. The materials used are light weight and the engine is designed to be economical too.

The hybrid car has 800-cc two cylinder TDI turbo- engine with a 20-KW electric motor and seven speeds DSG dual clutch gearbox which can only run in the automatic mode.

The Powertrain is placed transversely behind the rider’s compartment and help in driving the rear wheels. The use of carbon fiber has been very successful in reducing the weight of its chassis. The car’s light weight also helps it in reaching highway speeds quickly.

The magnesium wheels and aluminium dampers, steering systems and brake callipers also aid in the reduced weight and efficiency.

The scissor door of the car guarantees ease of access to its interior and gives a fashionable touch to the car.

The weight of 795kg proves an ideal for the kind of efficiency it is successfully providing. The sleek and aerodynamic appearance makes it an equally attractive bet for young drivers.

Another remarkable feature that the car offers is that it gives its operators several options to drive. The car can be run in all electric mode or in all gasoline mode or in hybrid mode. It also has the capacity to change modes if a sudden need arises for acceleration.

The back wheels of the car are well covered and the mirrors planted on the doors have digital cameras for better vision.

The car is gaining a lot of attention among the riders worldwide. The interiors, the information screen and the gear change all have been crafted skillfully to give it a classy look.

The car is designed in such a manner that it produces very little sound because of its ability to smoothly cut through the air. .

Overall the car stands tall in its promise of being the most fuel efficient car in the world, but unfortunately, so far, Volkswagen has no plans for mass production. Sniff. :'(

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