Best Practices to Buy a Used VW

It is said that the Germans are keen about 3 things, their history, their language and their cars. Volkswagen has carried the same legacy since pre and post-World war periods.

In today’s world, acquiring a car is like having a necessity. Cars are now an important aspect of life where you need to get things done easier and faster. If you already have a car and is now going for the second one, chances are that you are more likely to purchase a used car. Nowadays, the automotive market being a very competitive zone might confuse you with so many options. Here are the pointers of purchasing a used VW.

Petrol or Diesel?

By Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK (VW Tiguan engine  Uploaded by oxyman) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
VW Diesel Engine – By Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK (VW Tiguan engine Uploaded by oxyman) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Although diesel cars are costlier than their peers running on gas, petrol cars tend to have a long life and cheaper maintenance than diesel. Although the diesel prices are low, but other annual maintenance like fuel-pump cleaning and engine parts price goes up in case you want to rebore the car engine again. Hence, it is better to go for the petrol ones. However, Volkswagen cars design their diesel engines with utmost care (except, of course, for the infamous emissions scandal) and hence the engines are costly and are more rugged to wear-and-tear. The TDI engine is one in its class in the mid-and-mini segment.

Engine capacity

Buy a car which has a medium sized engine like varying from 1.2 to 2.0 liters as larger engines means consumption of more fuel and lesser savings. So buy a car which you can use for a city as well as average highway commute. Also, if you are looking for commercial segments, you can choose between VW Transporter and VW Saveiro or a VW Touareg.


Now comes an important decision to choose between a manual and an automatic transmission. Logically, the automatic transmission uses a torque converter which is another piece of complex equipment as compared to the legacy clutch-pedal scenario and thus will increase the budget for the purchase. Maintenance will also carry an additional overhead for the automatic transmission owing to additional parts. Hence, it completely depends on the users and their comfort zone with the transmission.

Although Volkswagen’s transmission is reliable and are a good value for the money, it is always suggested to go for a test ride to experience the gear level change sounds and verify the level of transmission fluid before purchase.

Once you have the car started, quickly move on past all gears and start cruising on the 6th gear. There should be no sound and this promises Volkswagen’s unbeatable silent cruising experience giving minimum effort to the engine.

Availability of parts

Compared to the brand new and the oldest cars available in the consumer segment for Volkswagen, you can go for the ones which have the availability of parts in and around your city and neighborhood.  New entrants like Volkswagen Touran, Touareg, Polo, Vento might be available in due course of time, but the bigger selling models like Jetta and Passat are more readily available.

Volkswagen dealers don’t typically offer Buy Here Pay Here programs, but you can still get good financing on all their vehicles, especially newer ones, which are often offered with special terms.

Check out the link below for more details on used VW’s.

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